Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Menu

Presenting our latest menu.  We're sure you'll enjoy it...

includes choice of two dipping sauces: garlic aioli, warm bleu cheese, honey mustard aioli, sundried tomato aioli, BBQ aioli, ranch, ketchup

house fries
simply salt-and-peppered   4.95

rosemary fries
guest favorite for a reason  5.95

truffle parmesan fries
white truffle oil, grated parmesan 7.95

appetizers & sides

black & tan onion rings
choose two dipping sauces   8.95

chips & guacamole
warm red corn tortilla chips with fresh, made-to-order guacamole   6.95

chicken tender skewers
choose three dipping sauces   8.95

southwest mac & cheese
pepperjack cheese and cilantro panko crusted  4.95

truffle parmesan asparagus
white truffle oil, grated parmesan 7.95

tomato parmesan soup   3.95

caesar salad   3.95
signature burgers

all burgers are cooked medium unless specified and served on a warm brioche bun with house fries and ketchup.

bleu BLT
double bacon, melted bleu cheese, bleu cheese sauce, butter lettuce, tomato
certified angus   11.95     ½ lb  kobe  15.95

melted pepperjack, made-to-order guacamole, crunchy red corn tortilla strips, chipotle aioli, butter lettuce
certified angus   10.95     ½ lb  kobe  14.95

surf & turf
bacon-wrapped & pepperjack stuffed cilantro shrimp skewers, garlic aioli, butter lettuce, tomato
certified angus   13.95     ½ lb  kobe  17.95

go kobe
we are proud to serve snake river farms american kobe beef.  from cattle naturally raised along the high plain of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho, this beef meets Japan’s exclusive marbling requirements making it extremely tender and delicious.

cheddar, bbq aioli, butter lettuce, tomato
certified angus   8.95     ½ lb  kobe  12.95

roasted red pepper, garlic cream cheese, carmelized onions, garlic aioli
certified angus   9.95     ½ lb  kobe  13.95

gardenburger, asparagus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sundried tomato aioli     12.95

upgrade to herb fries (.95), truffle fries (2.95) or onion rings (2.95)

chicken sandwiches are served on a toasted baguette with a side organic mixed greens salad tossed in honey balsamic vinaigrette.

chicken cordon bleu
tender grilled chicken, shaved ham, smoked gouda cheese, wild arugula, honey mustard aioli  8.95

sundried chicken sandwich
tender grilled chicken, grated parmesan, wild arugula, sundried tomato aioli   8.95


grilled salmon salad
organic mixed greens, asparagus, tomato, honey balsamic vinaigrette   14.95

grilled chicken salad
organic mixed greens, sliced strawberries, cinnamon-candied walnuts, honey balsamic vinaigrette   9.95

desserts & floats

pineapple float
vanilla ice cream, dole pineapple juice   4.95

strawberry sorbet float
house-made sorbet, san pellegrino limonata soda  4.95

chocolate brownie float
vanilla ice cream, brownie chunks, cream of weber chocolate milk   4.95

orange dream float
vanilla ice cream, san pellegrino origina soda  4.95

*         *        *

passion fruit cheese cake shooter
with graham cracker crust and strawberry coulis   2.95

amano chocolate mousse
made with local, but world-famous, chocolate   2.95

kiwi panna cotta
vanilla bean custard with kiwi tapioca pearls   2.95

try all three desserts for 7.95

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exciting Menu News

We are excited to announce, that on May 24, Spark Restaurant Lounge will roll out a new menu that will be centered on a unique line of gourmet burgers, similar to the Kobe Beef Burger that we currently serve. To make room for these new menu items, we will say goodbye many of our guests’ favorite items that are currently on our lunch and dinner menus.

Many menu items that have become favorites over the past few years, like our Herb Fries, Southwest Mac & Cheese, and House-Made Soups, will continue to be on our menu. In addition to our take on high-quality burgers, we will also have chicken and vegetarian options to accommodate our diverse guest preferences. We look forward to this change and are confident you will love what we roll out next Tuesday.

Why are you changing your menu?

During our three years in business, we have been proud to offer unique dining experiences to our guests. Our guests have been loyal, and we have earned high accolades throughout the state for our food and service.

As we have received positive recognition from our guests, we have also listened to their feedback. With all of that feedback, we have learned what our guests really want and modified our menu accordingly. However, even with the changes, we will continue to provide well-presented food made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.

How can I get my favorite menu item before the menu change?

We will continue to serve our current lunch and dinner menus through the end of this week. We invite you to come and enjoy your menu favorites before they are retired.

What is staying the same?

Among other things, our non-alcoholic drink menu will not change. As mentioned, we promise to continue to deliver exceptional service and carefully crafted food. The majority of our ingredients will, as always, be locally sourced, delivered fresh, and made in-house.

Will I still be able to use my gift cards?

Yes. All Spark gift cards and gift certificates will be accepted as usual.

Will you still offer catering and private restaurant rentals?

Yes. We always work with our catering and rental clients to create custom menus and private experiences. Just as always, catering is not limited to items listed on our current menus.

When can I see the new menu?

Our new menu will be online no later than May 24, 2011.

How can I get updates on the new menu and any other developments at Spark?

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-the-minute happenings at Spark Restaurant.

I have some feedback regarding the changes. How can I provide it?

We appreciate every guest’s opinion.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me directly with any feedback regarding our menu changes.

Email: blake@sparkrestaurantlounge.com
Text message: 801-200-3740

Our sincere thanks for your current and future patronage. We look forward to continue serving you!

Blake Ballard
Spark Restaurant Lounge